A personalized approach to nutritional optimized health.

We believe in wholesome healthy eating and we make it easier by stripping away complicated and confusing nutrition regimens and rules. Every appointment is individualized and unique to focus on your needs, questions, and issues. We believe in the power of food to make you well, strong, satisfied, healthy, energetic, and happy. We believe in nutrition science, so we provide education and recommendations that are based on current scientific evidence, not hype.


Diamond Value

The nutritional value of food defines what a food is made of and its' impact on the body. Because of disease and weight control, it's particularly important to understand the nutritional value of food due to the impact on the body as it relates to cholesterol, fat, salt, and sugar intake.


Healthy Balance

Diamond Nutrition offers customized health and wellness programs. Through individually designed programming we help our clients discover their own healthy balance and incorporate realistic nutrition, fitness and wellness habits into their lifestyle. Give us a call today, your health depends on it.

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